What the heck is this Blog about?

I'm Marissa and the following are amusing and some tearful experiences as I learn the art of Crocheting. I hope these amuse you or at least give you warning that this can become an addicting hobby! My husband, son and pet turtle miss me...

Welcome to my fun place online.  This is my site and is mostly about my journey into learning how to Crochet.  I may stray once in a while and I also like to let my friends know about fun events I find out about in my local area which is near North Wales, PA.

This is a kid friendly blog, so comments are welcome, but please do not use language that you would not want your six-year-old reading.  They learn so fast!

I hope my misadventures and amusement in this adventure give you some laughs, encouragement and perhaps caution…  Let the Crocheting begin!

What did she do now?

Blue is my favorite color

blue is wonderful  I live blue blue is better than purple.

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