So here we are… Where and what is The Tilted Crocheter???

My name is Marissa just at the very beginning of my journey as a crocheter so I thought that it might be fun to do this with someone else. This blog is an invitation for you to come join, laugh or assist me along the way. I will post my projects expectations and whatever I end up with at the finish line. I will share my ah-ha moments as well as all of my frustrations so this should be fun!!! Unlike all the informational post out there this will be full of not right and plain old wrong along with struggles. Sure to have a tilted finished product and a very tilted head as I contemplate where I went so wrong. So the tilted crocheter is a journey that is sure to travel down the wrong path and hoping to tilt a few heads along the way. If you can PLEASE HELP me … JUMP IN … SPEAK UP or at least let me know your one of the heads I tilted. LOL!

NOW Let’s HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!